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Police protective equipment


United Shield International Ltd
56 South Way, Walworth Industrial Estate, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5AF
P:01264 363606

M100UK2 icw BH2K1

Equipment details Information
Model M100UK2 icw BH2K1
Equipment type Body Armour
Publication number 012/17
Standard 012/17
Ballistic level HO3 + SG1 + Federal Tactical
Knife/spike level
Areal density 16.11 kg/m²
Test reference NTS/CAST17/21017/4JAN2022
Test date 21/01/2022
Certificate Expiry date 20/01/2024
Comments Additional testing to include SG1. Test ref: NTS/CAST17/22010/08JUN2022
Compatible with
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