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Police protective equipment

Phasing out of Home Office Body Armour standard 2007

Please be advised of upcoming changes to the Home Office Body Armour Certification Standards.

As you will be aware, Home Office currently holds two standards: 39/07 Body Armour Standard (2007) and 012/17 Body Armour Standard 2017. It has not been possible to submit new certification to the 2007 Body Armour standard since the introduction of the 2017 standard which supersedes all previous Home Office Body Armour standards. In order for manufacturers and procurement teams to factor changes into their supply schedules, please note that from April 2023 the Home Office 2007 Body Armour standard will be removed and from this date it will no longer be possible to re-certify body armour to the 2007 standard through MQT2. We are certain you will understand and appreciate the need for this change which will ensure Body Armour remains safe and appropriate for use. With effect from 31 May 2022 Home Office will no longer recertify armour where any changes (including like-for-like material changes) are made to armour certified to the Home Office Body Armour 2007 standard. This is ahead of the completed withdrawal of the 2007 standard effective from April 2023. Furthermore, from 01 September 2022, MQT2 will only be permitted against a procurement requirement or UK Police request. Any questions should be channelled through the usual routes


All equipment shown in this database has met the test requirements of the relevant Home Office standard. The various consumables used for these tests can be found below:

Description: Stab sabot damper discs
Reference: LD33 Damper Discs
Supplier: Alanto Cellular Foam Solutions Unit 21/23 Regal Drive Walsall Enterprise Park Walsall WS2 9HQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1922 723740 Email:
Description: Stab composite backing materials
Reference: AL52N Expanded Nitrile / NBR Sponge DK1735 Expanded Firm Neoprene Sponge Rubber LD24 Plastazote® foam AL55 solid natural rubber
Supplier: Alanto Cellular Foam Solutions Unit 21/23 Regal Drive Walsall Enterprise Park Walsall WS2 9HQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1922 723740 Email:
Description: 7.62 x 39 mm surrogate test round
Reference: PT11009
Supplier: EPA Manufacturing Ltd. 6 Market Place Tuxford Nottinghamshire NG22 0LJ Tel: +44 (0)1777 871310 Email:
Description: PolyartTM paper
Reference: Standard matt white 140/75 140 g.m-2 0.175 mm thickness
Supplier: Arbjobex Headquarters 32, Avenue Pierre Grenier Boulonge Billancourt cedex 92517 France
Description: Roma Plastilina® No. 1
Reference: Grey-Green 2lb blocks
Supplier: Sculpture House Inc. 3804 Crossroads Parkway Fort Pierce FL 34945 USA
Description: Plastiline® 40
Reference: 5 kg tubes (Ivory)
Supplier: Herbin-Seuer SA G-Lalo 138 Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris France
Description: Shaped Torso Moulds
Reference: Male torso front mould: 454-20753M-001-01 Male torso rear mould: 454-20753M-011-01 Large female torso mould: 454-20753M-021-01 Small female torso mould: 454-20753M-031-01
Supplier: Aerotron Composites Ltd. Fenton Way Chatteris PE16 6UP +44 (0) 1480 432623 ext 106 Email: Web: