Police protective equipment


Safariland (Formerly Aegis Engineering)
5 Chesford Grange, Woolston, Warrington WA1 4RQ
P:01925 840048
F:01925 840033


Equipment details Information
Model AP0267
Equipment type Body Armour
Publication number 012/17
Ballistic level HO2
Knife/spike level KR1+SP1
Style Two piece
Areal density 5.77 kg/m²
Gender Male,Female
Test reference NTS/CAST/18042
MQT2 References NTS/CAST/19004/21MAR2019
Test date 10/06/2021
Certificate Expiry date 09/06/2023
Comments Also available as shoulder panel, groin panel, collar panel and side panel extended coverage.
Ballistic: V50 = 481.1 m/s, mean BFS = 12.6 mm
Knife mean DoP: E1 = 0.0 mm, E2 = 1.74 mm
Compatible with HA0143 ICW AP0267
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