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Phasing out of Home Office Body Armour standard 2007 (Publication 39/07 – A/B/C)

Home Office currently holds two standards: 39/07 Body Armour Standard (2007) and 012/17 Body Armour Standard 2017. It has not been possible to submit new certification to the 2007 Body Armour standard since the introduction of the 2017 standard which supersedes all previous Home Office Body Armour standards. In order for manufacturers and procurement teams to factor changes into their supply schedules, please note that from April 2023 the Home Office 2007 Body Armour standard will be removed and from this date it will no longer be possible to re-certify body armour to the 2007 standard through MQT2.

With effect from 31 May 2022 Home Office will no longer recertify armour where any changes (including like-for-like material changes) are made to armour certified to the Home Office Body Armour 2007 standard. This is ahead of the completed withdrawal of the 2007 standard effective from April 2023.

Furthermore, from 01 September 2022, MQT2 will only be permitted against a procurement requirement or UK Police request.

Any questions should be channelled through the usual routes


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Equipment details Information
Model PSU100H
Equipment type Flame Retardant Overalls
Publication number 89/08
FRO One piece overall with undergarments
Gender Unisex
Test reference Contact Home Office for test certificate
Test date 04/11/2016
Comments Outer suit MUST be worn in conjunction with the following undergarments:

PRORN-BLK-PRX (round neck top)
PROLG-BLK-PRX (long johns)
Associated styles
Base models
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