Police protective equipment


Hawk Protection Limited
23 Cooneen Road, Fivemiletown, Co Tyrone, BT75 0NE
P:0288 9521401


Equipment details Information
Model 660-01
Equipment type Body Armour
Publication number 39/07
Ballistic level RF1
Knife/spike level
Style Two piece
Areal density 34.1 kg/m²
Gender Male
Test reference NTS/CAST/17039/26AUGUST2017
MQT2 References
Test date 26/08/2017
Certificate Expiry date 01/09/2019
Comments Additionally tested and approved to:
7.62 x 39mm (PS1943 122gr) @ 705m/s ± 15m/s
5.56 x 45mm (SS109 L17A1 62gr) @ 920m/s ± 15m/s
5.56 x 45mm (LE223T3 Federal Tactical Bonded 62gr) @ 750m/s ± 15m/s
Compatible with
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