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The Police Protective Equipment database holds information on protective equipment that has met the test requirements and standards of the Home Office.

You can search by equipment type, model number or test reference on the left side of this page.

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Model Equipment type Manufacturer Areal density Date updated
200-01BU Body Armour Hawk Protection Limited 7.31 23/03/2017
110-11B Body Armour Hawk Protection Limited 7.35 23/03/2017
220-22 Body Armour Hawk Protection Limited 9.1 23/03/2017
VBPFIN1038 Body Armour Verseidag Ballistic Protection Oy 2.92 23/03/2017
Limber 3 Slash Resistant Material Warwick Mills 2.91 15/02/2017
AP0225 + AP0228 Body Armour Aegis Engineering 7.7 15/02/2017
SAT 7011AB Body Armour Sioen 5.1 15/02/2017
AP0239 Body Armour Aegis Engineering 7.6 15/02/2017
AP230A Body Armour Aegis Engineering 7.18 15/02/2017
AP0095 Body Armour Aegis Engineering 5.6 15/02/2017